This Summit is unique in that we are treating gender inequity in U.S. entertainment media as a civil rights dilemma. The exclusion of female voices and perspectives from our nation’s cultural narrative is having dire national and global repercussions. We believe that solving this problem is both a legal and moral imperative. In order to advance women’s rights and human rights everywhere we think women must control their own messaging; strategizing immediate action to assure this is the objective of the Summit.

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March 31 to April 2 in Provincetown, MA

This weekend Summit will take place from March 31 st to April 2 nd in Provincetown, Massachusetts and will include just 102 exceptional participants representing a variety of fields from government to law, academia, news media, business, non-profit, and the entertainment industry.  The Summit will take the form of a think tank of equals in which each participant will bring their specific expertise to brainstorm solutions.

Agenda at the Summit

In the first part of the summit, experts in the field will provide a thorough overview of the issues. During the second part, all conference participants will segment off into nine facilitated working groups that will conduct deep-dive conversations covering multiple solutions and strategies. During the final section of the conference, the working groups will present the top strategies to the entire group who will then vote on them in the order of priority.

Creating the White Paper

The final goal of the conference is to produce a ‘white paper’ document that spells out real, actionable strategies with benchmarks for change.  Committees will then be assembled to move forward in pursuit of these strategies after the forum is concluded.


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