The 2018 Women’s Media Summit & Film Financing Forum is taking place this spring April 4th thru 8th!

Now in its second year, the Provincetown Women’s Media Summit is unique in that it is treating gender inequity in U.S. entertainment media as a civil rights dilemma.  As the only annual gender equity summit in the United States we believe that the exclusion of female voices and perspectives from our nation’s cultural narrative is having dire national and global repercussion— and solving it is a legal and moral imperative.

Last year, at the inaugural 2017 Women’s Media Summit in Provincetown, Massachusetts, we broke new ground creating the Women’s Media Action Coalition (, home to seven new action committees dedicated to creating real enduring change toward gender parity in Hollywood.

Now it is our pleasure to invite you to the 2018 Women’s Media Summit & Film Financing Forum where we will launch WeMAC as a pioneering national standard of action for gender equality.  We will once again gather as a group for several days of community, brainstorming, and problem-solving to make sure our revolutionary work remains at the forefront of this extraordinary movement that is influencing and shaping the socio-political landscape for women everywhere.

In addition to our regular Summit, participate in our first-ever 2-day Film Financing Forum and empower yourself with the tools you’ll need to get your feature film or TV series off the page and on to the screen.  

Early registration ends February 28th, so reserve your spot at the 2018 Summit today. 

We look forward to seeing you this spring on Cape Cod!

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